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Roger P Brunke is an illustrator, designer and general purpose nerd living and working in the Pacific Northwest.  


Roger P Brunke

Roger Brunke was born and raised in Portland, Oregon where he still lives with his wife, two kids and pets.  He began drawing at a very young age, always having a passion for telling stories with his art.  At college, wanting to combine he love for math, science and art, Roger initially studied architecture but often still sketched out monsters and heroes in his free time.  Eventually, he switched majors and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Art from Portland State University. 

As an illustrator, Roger specializes in character design, portraiture and caricature.  He is known for his exaggerated takes on form and shape, grabbing people's attention with fun takes on recognizable ideas.  We drawing for fun, he enjoys taking unusual prompts and creating unusual things that no one has ever seen before.

When not sketching, Roger enjoys reading, playing games (both video and table top) and spending time with his family. 

For business inquiries, please feel free to reach out on social media or the form on this site.

Past Clients

  • Rooster Teeth Productions
  • Filmore Games Co



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